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    LS in LAN without domain

    Hi All,
    I want t setup a development environment for a dev project using LS. Unfortunately our local network does not support domain and only use a workgroup. How can we get around of this ? Thank you in advance for your response.

    best regards,Dyan Dhanisworo

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    Hy Dyan,

    you have two solutions to this problem.

    The first one is to use Lightstreamer internal web server to serve the client pages so that you can access the server machine by IP and you don't need to set a domain in the client pages.

    The other way is to set some fake hosts on the hosts file of your system so that you can simulate two host names in the same domain for your web and lightstreamer servers.

    Let me know if none of the above works for you or if you want to expand on these topics.



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