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    forceUnchanged and carryBackUnchanged


    i would like to know what is the utility of the functions:

    They seem to do the same thing: don't change the value of the cell, isn?t it?

    Both of them are used in the demos (inside formatValues function), but i don't understand why i should use them.

    I have made my own demos without using them.. and i don't find any problem.


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    Those functions are used to demonstrate the management of temporary unavailability of the remote feed, in collaboration with the Data Adapter.
    However, the scenario is not covered by the predeployed StockListDemo Data Adapter.

    If you configured the Server to run the JMS Data Adapter (DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_java\examples\StockListDemo_JMS_D ataAdapter\Deployment_LS), then you could put down the remote part of the Adapter and the "item_status" field would notify that and allow the client to put in grey all the fields.
    carryBackUnchanged forces all fields of an update, including unchanged fields, to be refreshed on the screen, by forcing a formatted value (whereas an unchanged field, by default, has a null formatted value, which instructs the library not to refresh the field).

    Similarly, if you configured the Server to run the Remote Data Adapter in the "robust" way (DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_LS(robust)), then you could put down the Remote Server and the Data Adapter would recover, by waiting for the Remote Server to attach again. However, empty values might be sent by the Data Adapter in the recovery process and the client should ignore them.
    forceUnchanged forces all fields of an update to be treated as unchanged fields, hence not to be refreshed on the screen, by setting the formatted values as null.

    So, the two functions are slightly different.
    Anyway, they are just axamples of client-side management of problems on the feed side. If you should have similar needs, you would introduce your own technique.




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