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    Problem in running the demo exe


    I had faced some problem while executing the demo exe.
    The below mentioned are the steps that was implemented during the process

    Step 1: Created Sln with the name " DotNetStockListDemo"
    Step 2: Added files in the created Sln
    a. StandaloneLauncher.cs from the path -

    (Lightstreamer1\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\src_standalone_launcher)

    b. LiteralBasedProvider.cs from the path -

    (Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\src_metadata_adapter)

    c. StockList.cs from the path-

    (Lightstreamer1\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\src_data_adapter)

    d.ExternalFeed.cs from the path-

    (Lightstreamer1\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\src_data_adapter)

    Step 3: Created new exe folder that includes the below mentioned dlls & Exe
    a. DotNetStockListDemo dll (created by rebulid the above sln)

    b. DotNetCustomServer.bat from the path -

    (Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_DotNet_


    c. All dlls copied from the below mentioned path except "DotNetStockListDemo.dll" which was created

    using Sln -
    (Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_DotNet_


    d.Start_LS_as_Application.bat from the path - Lightstreamer\bin\windows

    e.LS.bat from the path - Lightstreamer1\bin\windows

    Step 4: Copied adapters.xml from the path

    (Lightstreamer\DOCS-SDKs\sdk_adapter_dotnet\examples\DotNetStockListDe mo\Deployment\Deployment_LS\Stoc

    kList_sockets) and pasted in the path - Lightstreamer\adapters\stocklist

    Step 5: Changes was made in the config for <adapters_conf id="StockListDemoRemoteAdapters">

    Step 6: Changes was also done to the index page for (Lightstreamer\pages\demos\StockListDemo)

    lsEngine.connection.setAdapterName("StockListDemoR emoteAdapters")

    After implementing these steps and by executing the batch files Start_LS_as_Application.bat and DotNetCustomServer.bat, page does not gets refreshed.

    Another thing to be noted is by removing the DotNetStockListDemo.dll and on executing the batch file, the batch file gets executed. To understand the flow, we wrote the log file in each & every methods of "DotNetStockListDemo.dll". But that log file was empty. Kindly do help me to execute the batch file.



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    In order to find the adapters code, Lightstreamer library tries to dynamically load dlls from the current directory. However, static dll references may cause cached dlls to be used (as finally suggested in this thread).

    Please try renaming all the namespaces in the classes that you recompile and use the new names in the configuration files and launch script, if needed. You probably just need to run your own executable, as created by your sln, which includes your own version of StandaloneLauncher.cs, in the DotNetCustomServer.bat script.



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