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    unable to find engine-chrome browser

    Hi All,

    I have an issue while opening the application in chrome browser.The lightstream engine is started in an invisible frame from where all pages seek the engine.I tried to open the application in multiple tabs of IE browser and it works fine.But in chrome while i open the application in another tab of the same browser it gives me the error message unable to find the engine.Please help.Thank you .

    George Eapen

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    the problem with chrome is the multiple processes approach (see
    When you open a tab by hand, a new process for that tab is started by google chrome. On the contrary when a tab is opened by a click on a link that targets a different window (or a then it runs in the process of the opener.

    If two tabs live in the same process them can share the engine, otherwise them cannot share it.

    The web client library should be smart enough to recognize the case and open a new connection (even if configured for SHARE_SESSION) to the server if the only available connection lives in another process.
    You can disable the alert messagges with the setDebugAlertsOnClientError method.

    Obviously if the "isolated" page doesn't have its createSession call but relies on a seekEngine to find a connection, then it will not create its own engine and will not connect.

    Let me know if the library is not working as expected.



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