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    unsubscribe by itself intermittenly

    Hi Lightstreamer guys,
    I've used LS for sometime now. I noticed that sometimes the web clients got unsubscribed at the server that the client didn't receive new updates from server and the clients didn't know that they were already unsubscribe.

    I want to know more about this and the circumtances that might cause it and how to handle such situation.

    Thank u in advance.
    best regards,dyan Dhanisworo

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    What do you mean by "the web clients got unsubscribed at the server"?
    Do you mean that the whole session is closed?
    If the web client gets disconnected, it may not detect this immediately, but it eventually notices this after a timeout and enters the DISCONNECTED or CONNECTING state.
    On the other hand, it cannot happen that a single table is unsubscribed without any notice.
    May you please clarify what you see?



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