Hello LS friends
I have a question about something strange is happening to us.

We have finally installed our production server in a zone very difficult to reach (guess it... )

the communication from here is slow, but that's not important
so we used a twin machine in the same region to do some connection tests (more in the future to check LOADs)

from the "test" machine we are requesting a very long table to the MAIN LS server and we are getting very fast connections

Let's say that the AVG is 50 msecs to receive back the informations

BUT time to time one attempt
takes 5050 msecs (only one time I've got a 3050 msecs) delay

I'm getting this spurious result let's say 1 out of 30 attempt on AVG

What could be ? Is the LS server in exponential backoff of something ? What could cause a so precise EXTRA delay ?

thank you for your help!