Hi All,

I am using one of the sample projects (Lightstreamer-example-StockList-client-dotnet-master) to connect to a liststreamer server. I am not interested to install a Lightstreamer server on my computer and I hope to be able to connect to a demo server on lightstreamer website. For example, there is a wss stream https://push.lightstreamer.com/
When I checked the websocket address, I found out the stream comes from wss://push.lightstreamer.com/lightstreamer.

I tried to set the url to both addresses, but the application shows error 404 (not found). I used the port of 443 (I am assuming it is 443, because of https address).

- Is it possible to identify the port used by wss to push data on a random website? Or is the client that can decide what port should be used?

- Is there a url that I could use to test the StockList demo application (without having to install the server on my computer).