I need some help to force terminate the user session suppose if the user goes to other tab from my site in browser, after reenter to my site i need to create new session to the client. And also i need to terminate the session if the user navigate to other page of my site. Because LS server only have to serve the data if the user currently on my stock display page. Other wise server no need to serve the data to client.
And also I need the help to restrict the other person to view my LS server. Now I'm running my LS server in my server with the default port number 8080. So I have mentioned the detail mydomainname:8080 in client to connect my server. Developers can see the link by using the developer console. If the developer hit the URL like mydomainname:8080 means response display like lightstreamer page. How to avoid this screen if the request comes from other than my domain or I need some credential to post from request header and LS server validate the request header data and based on the validation need to send response.