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    Light streamer user session maintenance

    For my application I need to display in admin page current user session details. I need to show for my admin concurrent users list. And also if user tab out from my page i need to terminate his session and when he come back to my page reconnect the session and provide the data to client. Please help to do this in my application.

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    Lightstreamer doesn’t provide an out-of-the-box way to get the client the users currently connected to the server (but if you are working server-side with a Vivace edition you can obtain such data using JMX). However the metadata provider ( gives all the information to support your needs. You can query the methods notifyNewSession and notifySessionClose to know when a session is created or closed. Then you can expose the statistics collected from the metadata by implementing a dedicated data adapter whose updates will be shown by your admin page.




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