In my case my server create adapter list as dynamic. For example some times list contain 4 stocks in some times 2 stocks or in some times stock list will be empty and that time need to show the market closed message.
I have created external feedsimulater class like bellow datastructure,(Remote adapter)
public class RateRow {
private String itemName;
private String instrumentName;
private String bidRate;
private String askRate;
private String low_price;
private String high_price;
And i have assigned the values to this class. Finally for every 500 millisecond it will assign the values to this class.And my array list look like
private final ArrayList<RateRow> bidaskrates = new ArrayList<RateRow>();

Now i need to show this list to client browser. Whenever the changes happens in arraylist it should be reflect in user browser.
Now i created my RateRow class with itemName property. This itemName manually created like item1,item2 etc upto my stocklist. Now can i create some static 30 item names(like item1,item2 ... item30) in client and while subscription using MERGE mode can i compare with server stock items and display in client browser only available stocks in server. If supose server contain 4 items means i need to display only 4 items in client.