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    Connecting with .NET LS Client using session info from website

    Hi evereybody,

    recently I came across a stocks website which uses lightstreamer on their website to show stocks information in realtime. I would like to stream this information in my .NET application using the Lightstreamer client.
    Is it possible to create a connection with the .NET Client to the server using the same information the web client does (sessionId, url etc.) and how can this be achieved.

    Thanks for your support.

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    Hi, with all available client SDKs you can submit your credentials and perform any subscription request.
    How exactly only depends on how the Server you are accessing is configured.
    Note that the Server installation may use further information for the authentication, such as request cookies.

    However, the access mode may be subject to contractual restrictions and the Server installation may actively refuse requests performed in a way that was not agreed.



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