We are having application already to display current commodity market price. Base rates we are getting from third party server and they are updating market current changes in XML file.(eg:- ratexml.xml).

And admin having panel to update some charges and commission, so we are updating that charges into database table, we are not updating all the current rates in table. Only having reference of commodity name in table and updating admin commission and charges into table.

And having one more service to combine charges with current rates and add some calculation and arriving one more xml file to display users(userratexml.xml). I have developed this application by using php. To generate userratexml.xml with current market price i have created one php file, in this i open the source xml(ratexml.xml) and admin charges and commissions stored in cache(used wincache) and perform some operation and finally sending response as xml format. For this i have created one service by using .net to call my php file for every 500 milliseconds.

For this to reduces external service calling from dot net service i planned to implement user page display stock prices in creating adapter itself. Is it possible to creating my php logic inside this adapter or shall I call php page for every second from adapter and assign value to adapter. Which one will be better? Please help any one to do this.

And also i have tried to create given stock sample adapter by using java. I couldn't run and check created sample java adapter code in eclipse. I used eclipse to create java adapter, its showing don't have main class. Please help for this also.