Hi Guys
I have lightstreamer liscence Allegro version 5. now we switch to new server with JDK 8.
i downloaded the |Lightstreamer Server 5.1.2 build 1623.14 with JDK 8 and put my liscence in.

when i try to start lightstreamer i get:

03-Nov-16 10:32:31,770|INFO |LightstreamerLogger.init |main |Lightstreamer Server 5.1.2 build 1623.14
03-Nov-16 10:32:31,798|INFO |LightstreamerLogger.license |main |Checking license file: /usr/share/Lightstreamer/conf/./Etrader_001A646E6D64_Allegro.lic-v5
03-Nov-16 10:32:32,094|ERROR|LightstreamerLogger.license |main |Error loading license file: java.io.FileNotFoundException: /usr/share/Lightstreamer/conf/./Etrader_001A646E6D64_Allegro.lic-v5 (No such file or directory)
03-Nov-16 10:32:32,094|INFO |LightstreamerLogger.license |main |Cannot get license.
03-Nov-16 10:32:32,094|FATAL|LightstreamerLogger.license |main |License check failed.
03-Nov-16 10:32:32,095|FATAL|LightstreamerLogger.init |main |License check failed. System exits.

please advice.