Hi webcamer30,

In the above discussion the third parameter, chat_room, is used to assign the destination of each message so that the Adapters can dispatch it to all the participants of the specific chat room.
Please let me recap the main changes involved compared to our classic demo chat.
- The client, each time sends a message, should specify the room for which it is intended:
        var chat_room_b = "Blue_Chat_Room";
        var chat_room_r = "Red_Chat_Room";
        var mex_1 = "CHAT|" + text + "|" + chat_room_b;

        var mex_2 = "CHAT|" + text + "|" + chat_room_r;
and should also subscribe to specific chat room item (or items if can be present simultaneously in more than one room ):
        var chatSubscription = new Subscription("DISTINCT",chat_room_b,chatGrid.extractFieldList());


        var chatSubscription = new Subscription("DISTINCT",chat_room_r,chatGrid.extractFieldList());
- The adapters should should extract the room name from the received message and dispatch the text as a push update for the specific Item.
Which is exactly what is shown in the ChatMetaDataAdapter and ChatDataAdapter pieces of code just few posts above.

That said, if you are still in troubles please share some extra details about your issue.