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    Version 6.0.1 Build 1603 JS client download + es6 wrapper


    I am implementing lighstreamer in a new project but our server is not licensed to use the latest client version generated by the Lightstreamer js client generator.

    Does anyone know how to get one of the older js clients?

    I am also implementing it in a typescript es6 project so am wondering if anyone has found a way to wrap the lightstreamer into an es6 module.


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    Hi Patrick,

    About the older js clients, we've provided the appropriate download link through

    The TypeScript modules matter is a little more complex.
    At the moment we are not aware of a TypesSript module implementation that wraps our JavaScript library.

    I am not sure if this could help, but you can take a look to our Angular2 demo, Lightstreamer - Basic Stock-List Demo - HTML (Angular2) Client, for an example of using the JavaScript Web Client API for Lightstreamer in TypeScript code.




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