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    "Please specify at least one cell" in iOS Safari 10.

    Hello. We encountered problem with new Safari 10 runing on iOS (multiple computers). It is error "Please specify at least one cell". I attach screenshot of problem spot (using fixed build 1717, but it happens also with 7.0.2). Problem is that it is completly random. Exception is thrown in approx. 1 of 10 cases. It can be hard to reproduce, but we are hopeless here. We removed almost all javascripts (except own library code nad jquery) and css from page. Initialization script is on bottom of page, we even try to put in onDOMready event, no change. Maybe it is bug in Safari itself. Thanks much.
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    I confirm that this is something we also noticed recently. Apparently, Safari 10 initializes some page structures in background and, when doing it late, this may confuse LS library.
    However, a workaround is possible.
    We have uploaded here the current Web Client build (7.0.4 build 1718), which should overcome the issue. See the included changelog for details.

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    Thanks, it is fixed now.



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