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Hi Paolo,

I confirm that the upgrade to the new client library would be the best solution, however, is still valid the fact that the old version should work just fine, without any modification, with a 6.0.x server.

That said, some considerations on your recent efforts:

- in the LS subfolder you should add all the files of the client lib, not only the .js ones, and especially .html also.
- Yes, I confirm that lightstreamer.js is the file of the new library (since Lightstreamer JavaScript client library 6) in client lib 5 (and earlier) that file is not needed.
- In the version copied from production, you should check especially the misc.js file pointed by the page, and within that file, code lines like these:

      lsEngine.connection.setLSHost("http://localhost"); 	// (set the hostname when deploying on WEB SERVER)
      lsEngine.connection.setLSPort("8080"); 			// (set the port when deploying on WEB SERVER)
      lsEngine.connection.setAdapterName("DEMO");	// the name of the Adapter Set
that allow you to target the right server.

Thank you Giuseppe, now also the old page, identical to the one in production, is working. I think there was a missing file also in the "pages" folder that I got from production. I wish to thank you especially for your patience!
Best regards, Paolo