Dear all,
i am porting an old .NET Visual Basic adapter (that worked for years and was ported from Lighstreamer 4 to 5 without problems) to Lighstreamer 6.03. The adapter was made in 2010, based on the PROXY_HELLOWORLD demo, and also the name of the adapter has been kept the same, so I have copied the new version 6 folder PROXY_HELLOWORLD in the \adapters folder. In Visual Studio, I replaced the project reference from "DonNetAdapter_N2" to the new "DotNetAdapter.dll" of 6.03.
The project has compiled OK with Visual Studio 2015, Lightstreamer starts and waits for the adapter (waiting for a connection on port 6662/6661..) and goes on when the adapter starts (arriving to: "listening to *:8080"). In my adapter, the Init method gets called by Lighstreamer and also SetListener is called. Lighstreamer and adapter seem connected as usual.

The problem is that, when I open the usual Index.html page that worked with the old version, data are not updated. I can see that my Subscribe function is NOT called as it should, when I open the html page.
If I terminate the adapter, then Lightstreamer gets closed also, meaning that the connection between the two was still alive.
Any suggestions? Thank you! Paolo