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    how many server adapter are created?

    we started to develop a java based server side adapter to serve client subscriptions .
    How many adapters are created for client? One for every client?
    Is a server adapter a thread?

    thanks in advance.

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    Hi Bruno,

    No, the Adapter instance will still be unique regardless of the number of clients. Indeed one istance for the Metadata Adapter and one istance for the Data Adapter.

    That said, the client requests are are run in parallel by thread pools, configurable via specific parameters in the configuration file.
    So your Data Adapters implementation should be ready to execute concurrent requests for method such as subscribe, unsubscribe, notifyUser, notifyNewSession, getItems, getScheme, ...
    For furhther details about specific thread pool please refer to the inline comment of <server_pool_max_size> parameter in lightstreamer_conf.xml and <adapter_set_pool>, <authentication_pool>, and <messages_pool> in adapters.xml template file.




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