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    Hi All,

    I have two requirements.Please let me know your suggestions.1] I have to create a table similar to StockListDemo( with a hyperlink for each quote which opens a pop window with details of the selected quote and the chart details.In the StockListDemo since the stock quote details is created with item/field it seems to be fine to link the selected item(subscribed item) for the pop window also.But in my scenario i do an intial load from the database for the available stock quotes(since the no of stock quotes can vary).So i use a DynaMetapushTable with command mode. How can i get the details of the selected quotes in the popwindow . Please let me know whether DynaMetapush is the apt datatable for my scenario.

    2]On selecting a particular quote i have to open another popup window with time and sales table for that quotes.How can i send the selected quote to the data adapter .Also which datatable is apt for time and sales in which only new rows are added.I would appreciate if anyone could provide some suggestions on this.Thank you very much for the support.

    George Eapen

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    I also had the same requirement. Anyone please please sent a reply

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    1) if the list of stocks is variable the DynaMetapushTable is the best choice, moreover if you desire to separate the list from the quotes I advice you to use the MultiDynaMetapushTable. Please refer to the new PortfolioDemo available in our distribution for further details on this kind of table. (In such demo you can see how the list and qty field is handled by a dedicated data adapter while the stocks/quotes are the same of the StockListDemo)
    To be able to open the correct popup relaed to the clicked row you could exploit the setPushedHTMLEnabled functionality of the Table (or modify directly the DOM piece passed in the onChangingValues callback) to put the correct link every time a new row is inserted in the table.

    2) I'm not sure I've understood correctly your second problem. I think that if you switch to the new-portfoliodemo-approach you'll be able to solve easily also the second problem. Let me know if I'm wrong.




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