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    SSL problem with self signed certificate

    I have a customer running a LS server - exposed on the internet - but with a self-signed certificate. The certificate is not correctly signed for the domain at the moment but it expects WSS connections on port 9696.

    If I go here in my browser: https://<hostname>:9696/monitor/
    I am prompted by the browser to accept the incorrectly signed certificate and everything works fine.

    However, my LS client code refuses to connect on the same hostname and port. I get an endless stream of errors in the Chrome console as it goes through its connect/fail/retry cycle
    POST https://<hostname>:9696/lightstreamer/create_session.js net::ERR_INSECURE_RESPONSE lightstreamer.js? lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:204e.bk lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:174q.fq lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:251q.Il lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:248q.Hb lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:247m.zd lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:190e lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:51a._callSuperMethod lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:52p.zd lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:256v.executeTask lightstreamer.js?v=6.00:49f

    Why does the LS Javascript client behave differently to the monitor in this regard?

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    I had to kill the browser and start again - after that it accepted the connection from the LS client

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    Quote Originally Posted by kpturner View Post
    I had to kill the browser and start again - after that it accepted the Bathmate X40 connection from the LS client
    Hi kp, that didn't work for me, any suggestions?
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