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    Deploy your own Data and Metaadapters using Amazon Web Server installations

    Good monring all,

    I have installed the server on an AWS as per Ready-made Amazon EC2 AMIs

    I could run the example page and is working. However when I get into the machine and move around de LS installation I cannot save anywhere my own adapters as I have no permission.

    How can you use LS virtual amazon server for your own services.

    Thanks very m,uch all in advanced,


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    The ready-made installation on the provided AMIs is done with our suggested scripts in Lightstramer/bin/unix-like/install.
    They create a (configurable) "lightstreamer" user dedicated to this installation.
    This offers some basic protection to the installation; for instance, the directories owned by the "lightstreamer" user cannot be modified by other users.
    However, you can override the protection by acting at root level, with "sudo", which is allowed on the standard "ec2-user".



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