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    [Java] LsProxy: Instrument not redistributable

    i'm getting the following error, generated by a onException event of the UpdateListener using LsProxy.
    "Instrument not redistributable"

    error code seems to be null.
    I guess i'm getting it when subscribing a new instrument. Since i got this error my application is no longer able to get part of the data. The code worked for months and it may be the origin of the problem.
    i cannot get informations googling those words. What could be the problem?

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    Hi, this message is not produced by the library; so it must be received from the Server in a PushUserException.
    In turn, the message is not produced by the Server, but it is forwarded from the Metadata Adapter, which is actually refusing the client subscription attempt.
    It is possible that the behavior has changed recently, as this is in the possibilities of the Metadata Adapter implementation. But only the owner of the Server installation can provide details.



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