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    What java libs are available to adapters?

    In the bin/ script, there are those system properties that are passed to the LS java process:


    Apart from those, there is also a cpath parameter that specifies the classpath of the LS java process.

    My questions are:

    1) what are those system properties for exactly? Which of them are available to adapters, and which are not? Because from my test at least, it seems internal_lib_path is not but logging_lib_path is, so could you please clarify? The reason for this is obvious: if we include multiple versions of the same lib, we can easily get class conflicts.

    2) cpath will be available to both LS kernel and adapters? Could you please confirm?

    Thanks for your help

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    We have separated the Server classpath in these variables in order to allow the Server to setup multiple classloaders. But this is actually internal stuff and could have been hidden in Server code. It was made explicit, hence providing a degree of freedom, for handling special cases and for allowing the integrator to move the jars in different places (just in case there was a reason).

    Normally, none of the jars listed by the four JVM properties are visible from the Adapters. The Adapters only see the main classpath, which is the "cpath" variable and is also visible from the kernel. However, this classpath contains very little and no external libraries.

    Only by explicit configuration can you have "com.lightstreamer.logging_lib_path" visible from the Adapters. So I suppose that you have the <classloader> element set to "log-enabled" in adapters.xml, perhaps after cloning some of our demos. But this has strong restrictions; see the details of the <classloader> element here (open the file as a text file).



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