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    antivirus software blocks the connection on the client machine

    i have a problem that antivirus software on some machines blocks the LS connection
    how can the problem solved

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    i found a post a bout HTTP polling can be implemented to solve the problem ??

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    Hi engcoder,

    This depends on how the antivirus behaves, whether it works as a firewall and blocks any connection to the Lightstreamer server, there is nothing to do but configure it appropriately or remove it.

    Nevertheless, in the past we are aware of antivirus that block streaming but allow long polling.
    We always take into account that, in some environments, streaming is not possible because intermediate nodes buffer the response.
    To cope with these cases, we have introduced the Stream-sense algorithm, which detects the cases and resorts to long polling automatically.
    The cost is limited to a slight overhead and a delay of a few seconds upon connection establishment.
    If your client application can detect in a static way that it is in one of these environments, then it could force long polling since the beginning and avoid the initial delay.

    If your case is the latter one, you should check how your client library behaves. By the way, which client library are you using?




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