Hi Guys,

I've spent a bit of time searching "fastest lightstreamer clients", but I don't find any comparisons.

My criteria for selecting the client API (or roll my own) is latency: the time between the server sending a message to my client and server receiving my response. The only thing I have control over is my network interface receiving a message, my program processing the message and then sending a response out a network interface.

I'm considering implementing the network protocol in yet another language, but I'd like to know the pros and cons.

- I've heard the JS protocol doesn't use the text protocol, but a binary protocol
. is this faster?
- would it be best to embed node.js (or other client lib) in my code where there are native libs?
. faster, comes with support?
- why aren't the other protocols documented?
. if there are any
. may i implement any undocumented protocols?