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    Connection Error - Android API


    When Im trying to connect to my server, Im receiving an PushConnException:

    client.openConnection(,new LSConnectionListener(this.phase));
    " Trust anchor for certification path not found."

    There is a TrustManager used by the lightstreamer connector? Where can I set my cert to be trusted?

    Thank you all!

    I've found the file HttpProvider, and I tried to add my TrustManager into the method:
    private HttpURLConnection sendPost() throws Throwable
    But it's not working.
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    Hi Marcos,

    First, please could you confirm that in the server you have configured a self-signed certificate? Otherwise you should not have any issue with https connections.

    However, if in your test or development environment you want to use a self-certificate you should override the default trust store and specify your own trust store.

    Please you could also refer to:


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    Giuseppe, thank you!

    It worked perfecly. I was using a self-signed certificate.

    Thank you!
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