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    Hi nttam,

    If I got the point, you would like to use the exposed method of VisualUpdate class, in order to configure the visual effects to be applied to the grid. But you can leverage such object only when passed as parameter in onVisualUpdateevent handler of a StaticGridListener or a DynaGridListener, which in turn need to be used together with a StaticGrid or a DynaGrid as subscription listener of the the Subscription object. As both StaticGrid and DynaGrid are custom widgets meant to provide a mapping between the internal Lighstreamer model and an HTML visualization, there is no a straight way to use them within Angular, which uses its own data-binding mechanisms.


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    Hi Gianluca,
    Thanks for your quickly reply, I did it manual depend on "forEachChangedField" method, thanks again! ^-^

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    I have an issue with Lightstreamer running on an angular-cli - angular 2 app. When I call the .connect function on the lightstreamer client it causes my app to call the app bootstrap function. Has anyone else had this issue?

    I am using lightstreamer client v6.x.

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    Hi Patrick,

    See my answer on Github.



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