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    What's the purpose of /lightstreamer/STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS?

    What's this request used for exactly? I see the javascript client makes a lot of such calls to Lightstreamer, and the responses are like the following:


    The client sends the request about every half a second. All the documents I found don't mention what the request is for.

    A further question: is this request part of LS websocket architecture, or is it part of polling?

    Thanks for helping.

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    This is part of Lightstreamer communication protocol and I confirm that it is something that is not documented, as not part of the public interface with the application.
    In particular, STREAMING_IN_PROGRESS is related with HTTP streaming, but also with HTTP long polling, and continuous requests are consistent with a polling scenario; if realtime data is frequent, long polling may become very short.
    Note that this kind of requests is only used by old versions of the client libraries, or when old versions of browsers are involved. Can you confirm this?



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