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    Running Lightstreamer with multiple Adapters problem


    I have the following issue when running many adapters with Lightstreamer.

    we have 3 adapters that can push or get data from lightstreamer, but if there are issue happened in any of them I have to restart all the adapters connected to the light streamer.

    Can I stop or restart only one adapter without impacting other adapters connected to lightstreamer?
    Thanks and Best regards,
    Hassan A. Shehata

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    Hi Hassan,

    I am assuming that you are using Remote Adapters.
    Now, There exist two flavors of Proxy Data Adapter: NetworkedDataProvider and RobustNetworkedDataProvider.
    In your case it seems that you are using the first one that explicitly provides not to start listening on the server TCP port until both the request_reply_port and notify_port are connected.
    Furthermore, the RobustNetworkedDataProvider contains some recovery capabilities and avoid to terminate the Lightstreamer Server process. Full details on the recovery behavior are available as inline comments within the example adapters.xml file available here or in the “Lightstreamer/DOCS-SDKs/adapter_remoting_infrastructure/doc/adapter_robust_conf_template” folder.
    Please note that in case of Ligthstreamer server version 5.x, the configuration is slightly different.

    So, you should consider to switch to RobustNetworkedDataProvider.




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