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    How to identify the table that contains an item


    i've seeing the examples and trying to modify them for test, and i have a doubt.

    I want to do this:
    a page with a list of items, but knowing that one of the items must appear twice. (lets call it 'itemX')

    The only way i have found to do this is defining two tables, one of them (Table A) with the whole list (with itemX only once) , and another table (Table B) only with itemX.

    Is this the only way to resolve it?

    I've test it and works fine, but then, i found another problem.. each update, the function "formatValues" makes changes in the styles of the items, but i want some changes in the items of "Table A" and another kind of changes in the items of "Table B"..

    I want to use the same function "formatValues" for both tables... but how can i know which table belong each item inside this function??


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    Indeed, using multiple cells associated with the same item/field pair is not supported by the web client library, so you had to use different tables.
    Alternatively, you could have supplied the item list to your table in an explicit way, through an array, with itemX included twice;
    then, you should have addressed the two instances of itemX in your cells by position.

    You can access to the table related to each invocation of "formatValues" through the "this" pointer. You could identify the table object by decorating it in some way or by taking advantage of the "getId" method.

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    As an alternative, you can leverage "extra fields".
    More details here:



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