When I last contacted you I had problems increasing the subscriptions in the grid from 5 to 100 in the RoundTrip Demo.
That was solved after your instruction to uncheck the limit by replacing the regex at L115 of the RoundTrip Adaptor java file with:

- if (!item.matches("^roundtrip[0-9][0-9]?$|^100$")).

I now wish to increase the subscriptions to 1000 but the regex argument in L115:

if (!item.matches("^roundtrip[0-9]{1,3}$"))-

rejects any subscriptions exceeding 100.

I have decompiled the newly recompiled LS_roundtrip_data_adapter.jar and verified that the new regex parameters have been updated to [0-9]{1,3} in both the internally archived java and class files.

It appears that the earlier 100-subscriber version of the adaptor is being referenced because recompiling it back to the original 5-subscriber limit seems to have no impact, it still registers 100 subscriptions.

Your assistance would be much appreciated, thank you.

best regards,