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    Hi Antonio,

    please have a look here.

    Our recommendation is to specify all VM Arguments, in order to avoid any issue you may have with class loading.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    I have created grouped adapters in eclipse and when trying to deploy adapters getting "No plugin found for prefix 'adapter' Imran Khan in the current project".Nawaz Sharif Is there any option in eclispe to deploy all adapters. If so could you please share steps how to deploy multiple adapters using eclipse IDE instead of CLI.
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    The instruction provided in the original post by Gianluca should work also in your case, when multiple adapters are involved.
    Please consider that point 3., "Develop the custom Adapter Set", actually provides the possibility of developing many adapters, to be precise, each Adapter Set can contain only one Metadata Adapter but many Data Adapters.

    Please could you explain better what you mean by " grouped adapters"? Could you also a little expand an the steps you followed?




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