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    Java SE client source code?

    We are trying to debug some weird connectivity issues with Lightstreamer SE client. We could only find the compiled library, which shows variable names as e.g. "var32" when decompiled.

    I wonder if there is source code available for the client library. I'm not sure why it shouldn't, since the protocol is already publicly available and anyone can implement a client if they want to.

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    The main issue being we can't get session ID from the client, so we cannot correlate error messages from the client with logs on the server.

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    I suppose you use library version 2.5.x, because the revised "unified" version 3.0 (available as a final release here, on maven - look for com/lightstreamer/ls-javase-client) does offer a getSessionId method.

    For the old library, we suggest you leveraging the library's own log.
    This log leans on the JDK's java.util.logging service, that you can configure as shown in the conf/ file provided within the SDK.
    Setting "com.lightstreamer.ls_client.session.level" at FINE should be the simplest way to have the session ID logged.

    I confirm that we have plans for releasing the source code of the client libraries; we just need time to organize the operation.
    But this, again, will not involve Java Library version 2.5.x, but only the "unified" version.

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    Thanks for you answer.

    I managed to get the sessionId by adding a onSessionStartedExt method to my ConnectionListener.

    Looking forward to the open source date.

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    You are right. Sorry for even forgetting about that later extension to the library interface, which however is still undocumented.
    You must have also discovered that it is enabled by setting the "lightstreamer.extended_session_info" JVM property to any value.
    Since the session ID is no longer considered an implementation aspect, but it is also supplied by the new libraries, this technique for the old library can now be disclosed.



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