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    Ls.out log file size too large


    There is a log file LS.out in the logs directory.
    I dont see any config anywhere that can limit the size of this file.
    Currently its is too big and I cannot open it in any text editor as Lightstreamer has been running for a few days.
    Is there any way to limit the size of the file?



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    Hi Mario,

    We use this file to store the console output of the Server process when launched in background or as a system service.
    This is done through simple redirections by the launch scripts, and I confirm that there is no available configuration.
    You can keep the file under control by acting from outside.
    You can even feel free to improve the scripts, although this may complicate the upgrade operations.

    However, the console output of the Server is supposed to be short:
    by default, only initialization and termination log is sent to the console, while any other log is sent only to log files.
    If the file is so big there may be some recurrent error.
    Can you extract and see just a portion of the file?



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