Dear Support team,

I created a command mode Subscribe to some data in light streamer.
the commands considered to be add, update and delete. the command and data are received, and displayed successfully in the client side.

the issue occurs when opening the form that contains the data and let it opened, then disconnecting light streamer and reconnecting again then the data in the form updated to a wrong data items and duplicated.

could you provide me with best way to use command mode subscription to prevent data errors and duplication in my case?

Note: I send snap bool as "true" while building sample table info as the following code sample:

 var tableInfoData = new SimpleTableInfo("prefix" + _stoks, "COMMAND", "command key field1 field2", true) {DataAdapter = "mainAdapter"};

if I invoked delete command while snap is true, does data exists and could be retrieved in next update?