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    Deploying Demos in different servers

    Good morning,

    I have followed the documentation on to deploy demos in a different server than my PC. I am using the domains: sarbao.pc for the web ( port 80 ) and for the LS. However I cannot get the STREAMING message.

    I ahve followed line by line the doc but still not working. Can I have any help please ?. My email is or read on this forum.

    Thanks very much in advanced.

    Best regards,,

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    Cesano Maderno, Italy

    I guess that you're using IE for your tests. In such case note that using a hostname that is equal to the domain set is not supported (check the setDomain documentation).

    In your case using www.sarbao.pc as web server host, push.sarbao.pc as Lightstreamer host and sarbao.pc as domain should do the trick.

    Let me know if your problem is different.

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    sorry I misread your post.
    Now I see that you're using sarbao.pc for one server and for the other. This is not a possible configuration accordingly to the "same origin policy".

    please check same origin policy article on wikipedia for further info on compatible hosts/domains.



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