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    Send initial data

    How to send initial data when client get connected?

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    How to send initial data when client get connected?
    the following scenario:
    1. The client connects to the server and receives the data as a whole (in the format json)
    2. The client receives updates in json format since both joined.
    I think that I need to ask susbscription raw format but I do not understand how my client to send the original data.

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    Hi winbackgo,

    when a client subscribes to an item, it may request the initial snapshot, which is the means through which the current item state is received with no need to wait for the asynchronous real time updates.
    Snapshots are supported by MERGE, DISTINCT and COMMAND mode, but not by RAW mode.

    I'm sorry but it's not clear to me whether initial snapshot matches with your "initial data" need.

    Could you please expand on your use cases? Could you please give us more detailed requirements?




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