We're working with LS using ARI protocol to feed data to it, implementing our own data provider of course.

Great functionality is available in LS after first client subscribes to an item - LS keeps the snapshot of the item in memory, so when next client subscribes, LS simply feeds him the same snapshot without need to ask for it from DataAdapter (and of course in MERGE / COMMAND mode it nicely maintains the snapshot with updates received between the 2 subscriptions). However, this all disappears after all the clients unsubscribe. The next subscription after that will require the snapshot to be retrieved from DataAdapter again.

We'd like to avoid recreating this snapshot maintenance mechanism on our side (since it already exists in LS), but just simply send the updates to LS from DataAdapter even if there are no clients subscribed. Is it possible to do it by implementing ARI data / metadata adapter subscription or session management methods in a different way?

One ugly workaround (that we'd like to avoid) is simply keeping one useless client subscribed to the item all the time (originating from our server). Hope that we don't have to do that.