Did you see all those data in the direct loading case and none of them in the iFrame case?
Yes, I can see all those data in the direct loading case but not in the iFrame case.

Is it a full log or is it a compound of various log snippets?
It is a full logs.

Is it possible that your Data Adapter reuses the Maps it sends through "update" or "smartUpdate"?
Sorry, I don't understand "Maps" case . And I don't see anything in the Web Server logs.

But I finally found out the problem which it was caused the iFrame. I was unaware of there was a Javascript function which will amend the iFrame height each time an event was pushed, the iFrame height remain unchanged due to the push table structure because it couldn't detect the row of the table.

I have modified the function and put it under the formatValues funtion and it works nicely now. Thank you very much for all your kind replies.

And I am planning to do a grouping feature, when a user select certain events from the 1st page, the 2nd page will shows all the sub-events of the selected events. Do you have any idea on how to do this? Thanks

1st page:

if user select Event1 and Event2, it will navigate to the 2nd page and shows all the sub-events of Event1 and Event2

2nd page:
Event1 | Sub-Event1
Event1 | Sub-Event2
Event2 | Sub-Event1
Event2 | Sub-Event2