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    How to format values on initial "update"


    I'm a little bit confused, how to get updates formatted:

    I have a data-adapter on the server side sending updates using a culture invariant number format.

    Currently I use a StaticGid on my webpage. I added a StaticGridListener which uses the iterator visualUpdate.forEachChangedField to iterate through the fields and update the cells with a formatted value using visualUpdate.setCellValue.

    Works fine for subsequent updates. But there is an initial update with values, for which it seems, that there is no call within visualUpdate.forEachChangedField.

    So how do I get the initial data formatted, too?


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    Hi Alex,

    I'm not sure I actually understand what you mean, do you mean that when the first update arrives from the server your forEachChangedField does not iterate correctly? Or do you mean that the onVisualUpdate does not even fire?
    I confirm that that's not the expected behavior.

    Take a look here:

    Might be you're referring to the initial values embedded in the html page? Or maybe you add the listener to the grid when the first update already reached the client?

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    Sorry, my bad. I had a javascript error in the onVisualUpdate and because of this my call to forEachChangedField was not triggered all times.

    Thanks for your help,



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