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    Text protocol support [iOS]


    I am not able to connect.
    As soon as I call [_client openConnectionWithInfo:_clientInfo delegate:self error:&error], I get a didReceiveServerFailure callback with an error:
    "Server exception (reason: 'Lightstreamer server does not support text protocol')"

    Can you please advise?


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    Hi Nathan,

    Please note that the iOS and OSX Client Libraries are available only for "Presto" and "Vivace" editions (for "Allegro" is an option feature).
    In "Moderato" edition that libraries are unavailable and the error you get is compatible with the use of iOs or OS X library with a "Moderato" server.
    Could you confirm the edition of the server in use?

    Please also note that if you just want to evaluate one of the optional client library you can use the DEMO license embedded in the factory download of "Allegro/Presto/Vivace" edition.




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