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    Updating adapters configuration without tearing down the service

    Is it possible to add/remove/edit a data adapter configuration for a running instance of Lightstreamer server? This would aid our continuous deployment effort.


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    Hi jonasby,

    I confirm you that currently the hotplugging of Data Adapters is not available in Lightstreamer Server. Indeed, it would be a important feature and we are considering whether add the feature in a future version of Lightstreamer.
    Something similar, with some limitations, it is still possible even now in the case of using Remote Adapter and robust Proxy Adapters.

    In practice, you could deploy into Lightstreamer server a pool of n robust Proxy Adapters, listening on a ports range. Afterwards you would have some freedom to add and remove Metadata and Data Adapters.
    So you might turn off a running Data Adapter and reopen a new version without the client even notice it (in any case it is possible notify the disconnection of the source data to the client if you want).

    But if you provide us more details about your needs, we can be more accurate in discussing the scenario.




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