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    Configuring Lightstreamer with SSL Certificate


    We are currently testing Lightstreamer server. It is required for us to run Lightstreamer in https since our services run on https.

    Our system works on apache load balancer and 3 virtual machines. These VMs access Lightstreamer server as a client. There is an SSL sertificate assigned to the domain of the load balancer. We installed Lightstreamer server on a 5th machine (other than load balance and 3 VMs) and accessing it via IP. Is it possible for us to use our current certificate on load balancer for Lightstreamer Server, or is it requisite for us to get a new domain and issue a new certificate for it.

    Thank you
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    I am sorry, but it is not clear to me the architecture you described. For example:

    • Is Lightstreamer server behind the Apache load balancer or is it exposed to the Internet?
    • How many instances of Lightstreamer Servers do you have?
    • Is the SSL Certificate assigned to the hostname of the load balancer? Is it a wildcard certficate?

    Please have a look at this document about SSL Certificate generation and installation in Lightstreamer Server.

    Also please note that Moderato comes with no HTTPS support, which is instead optionally available in Allegro edition, and included in Presto and Vivace editions.

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