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    php/perl/python lightstream client


    I have a working livestream client implement in JS that get live market data (I didn't wrote it)
    Now I need to "convert" this js into a server side language like PHP/Python/Perl

    I found few examples over the net but it's not something that I can work with, from what I understand
    I need to open a socket to the lightstreamer url and port and wait for data but it's not really working.

    someone have any direction what can I do?


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    Hi Eli,

    in this blog post we describe an an example of a Lightstreamer Client written in Python. You can also find the complete source code on GitHub.

    Furthermore, here the complete specifications about the Lightstreamer Server Text mode Protocol, which can be implemented in any language that provides a basic support for plain TCP sockets.

    Please get back to us if you need any further clarification.




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