I am new to LightStreamer and is trying out / exploring this demo : Basic Messenger Demo at : https://github.com/Weswit/Lightstrea...ent-javascript

I have followed all the installation instructions and managed to get it up and running, locally (i.e. localhost://MessengerDemo), as I have re-configured the port to listen on port 80.

In other words, it works perfectly in localhost (websocket connected successfully - connected over HTTP in streaming mode).

However, when I access it over the Internet, say for e.g.:
http:<my domain .com / IP Address>/MessengerDemo, the first page showed up, upon entering my nickname and lick Login, the connection was not successful, it keeps saying Connecting .. Disconnected and will try again.

I have changed the port to 80 in js/lsClient.js i.e. var lsClient = new LightstreamerClient(protocolToUse+"//localhost:"+portToUse,"MESSENGER");

Is there any other settings that I would need to set up / configure in order for this to run ? port 80 is configured and js/
lsClient.js is also set. Pls advice.

Thank you very much.