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    Problem in loading Adapters


    i have 3 adapters worked on LS version 5.2
    i decided to work on the new version 6 build and i make the changes in the adapters xml config. to be suitable to the new version

    but when i start the LS, it stopped at :
    < INFO> Loading Metadata Adapter DataPool
    < INFO> Connecting...
    < INFO> Waiting for a connection on port 6663...

    and not complete !!

    my adapter.xml is as follow:

    <?xml version="1.0"?>
    <adapters_conf id="DataPool">
      <param name="request_reply_port">6663</param>
        <data_provider name="DataPool">
      <param name="request_reply_port">6661</param>
      <param name="notify_port">6662</param>
    <data_provider name="Intraday1">
     <param name="request_reply_port">5661</param>
    <param name="notify_port">5662</param>
    <data_provider name="Intraday2">
    <param name="request_reply_port">7661</param>
    <param name="notify_port">7662</param>
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