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    import* error


    The directory HelloWorld\lib = contains ls-adapter-interface-remote.jar
    The directory HelloWorld\src = contains
    The directory HelloWorld\tmp_classes = nothing in it

    > javac -classpath lib/ls-adapter-interface-remote.jar -d tmp_classes -sourcepath src src/

    During compilation, I get this error message:
    "import*; does not exist

    Thanks for your help

    Quote Originally Posted by UweF View Post

    I'am trying to build the HelloWorld example from here

    I've downloaded the sources zip file. When I open the file "" in the IDE I get an error message on the line "import*;" that means the package does not exist.

    What's wrong? Where can I find this package?

    Edit: Okay, I've found the solution. Now it works perfect. This post can be deleted.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards!
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