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    how to make a Load test to lightstreamer?


    i want to make a load test application to simulate many concurrent sessions connect to LS (say 2000 sessions).
    i made a simple application(1) that connect to the lightstreamer and subscribes to all items in the adapters. then i make an application(2) that open the application(1) no. of times that simulate the no. of sessions (say it opens it 2000 times).
    from the lightstreamer monitor i noticed that the sessions opened but after some time it decremented. may because all the sessions loaded from the same network that made a load to the network so the connection to LS down.

    Is there another way to do a Load test simulation to LS?

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    Hi engcoder,

    You need to understand why the sessions drop. The Lightstreamer server log should report the cause code for session closed or maybe your client application provides more details.
    If, actually, the client does not support thousands of sessions, or due to network load or maybe for cpu crisis, you should consider that our .NET client library was not been designed to scale to thousands of sessions on the same client and has no optimizations focused to achieve such a number of concurrent clients on the same machine.
    You could try to split the total number of sessions on multiple machines, but I'm not sure you'll get the desired results.

    Indeed, for the specific purpose of the load/stress tests we developed internally a Load Test Toolkit (LLTT), that is available to developers on demand. It addresses the problem of client side scalability with a client based on a Lightstreamer JAVA library provided with specific optimizations.

    Furthermore, the LLTT is made up of an Adapter Simulator and a Client Simulator, this means it is quite useful in the preliminary phases of a project, when no Adapters and Clients have been developed yet, but it is necessary to do a capacity planning of the system based on different load scenarios.


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    Hi engcoder,

    Please also note that a very similar case was discussed in this thread:



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