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    Mixing SSL and non-SSL

    I would like to create a situation where the browser is connected to the HTTP server via SSL, but connects to the LS server without using SSL.

    I tried setting the server address to the non-SSL URI the
    but when I do that the LS client doesn't even attempt to make a connection. It only seems to try to connect if the protocol used in the URI passed to setServerAddress matches the document.location.protocol setting.

    So the question is, am I able to do this sort of thing or not?

    The reason I need to try this is that the connection to the LS server using SSL seems to be too slow. It seems to take quite a while to connect compared to the non-SSL protocol (presumably some sort of lengthy negotiation talking place). Also, the LS server itself seems to consume an abnormal amount of CPU when SSL connections are being used.

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    Hi Kevin,

    Unfortunately in this case there is not much I can do to help you.

    You can open a cross protocol session from a https page to a http server only on IE<=9 (and the user might get a message asking if he's sure to do that). Also the open connection will be a JSONP connection, that's the least efficient transport available within the client library.

    In the past such connections were possible through standard XHR requests (never been possible through WebSocket) but the browsers updated their policy and as today not even the JSONP technique works anymore.

    I forgot to update the connection matrix to highlight this case.


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    OK - figured as much. I might have to start looking at other possible reasons for the slow SSL connections and high CPU usage.



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